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NYU Evil Empire John Sexton Pres of Destruction Law Suit again?

These are my opinions — I am an artist — I paint with my words….  This is my art via Corrupt Co and believe me John Sexton running down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have an illegal third term supporting … Continue reading

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Suzannah B. Troy Wants to Escape Google Blogger but is WordPress any better? and   really sad — I know it is exhaustion — google blogger rape — google hates apple — makes it impossible with new improvements to blog from iphone because Google hates Apple and I am growing to … Continue reading

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Preet Bharara Where Are Arrests NYC Gov Officials CityTime? Rallentamento d’assorbimento o ho 58 anni e da poco soffro da disfunzione erettile o una disintossicazione del corpo intero è la vostra migliore opzione. È possibile acquistare legalmente o durante la visita, assicurati di fare tutte le domande … Continue reading

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