Mayor Bloomberg King of Funneling Money Slush Abuse w/ mini-me 911, CityTime Corruption

Mayor Bloomberg King of Funneling Money Slush Abuse w/ mini-me 911, CityTime Corruption

Yo, from my blog which is my journal my art my opinion…..



Wow too bad about Eric Stevenson and oops he worked for Quinn way back when….


Preet used a little red faced he let Quinn walk on slush abuse?


Preet I am praying SAIC shareholders win and than it is bad news for you, Bloomberg, Quinn, Bill Thompson, Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Page, and everyone that helped green light all this mega tech corruption and oh by the way Cy Vance where is the criminal investigation John Liu heroically requested for ECTP the 911 Tech System?


Where is it?


Why hasn’t Preet come in than and taken it?


I called Loretta Lynch’s criminal intake woman and left 2 messages because the 911 Emergency Command Centers are in her district but nothing…


Wow lucky for Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn….


unless the commit murder or higher a retired cop to commit murder or ask Joe Tacopina for the name of a retired cop or maybe HP has someone to do a hit — hardee har — just joking — of course.


These people getting away with murder — for every arrest we see in the paper re: Albany and City Hall way too many crooks Albany to City Hall getting away with murder.


Most hilarious Dave Paterson guilty of witness tampering for Dave Johnson who he kept on the payroll Albany paid by tax payers — and the only honest folks Albany resigned — most hilarious Dave praising Cuomo who got him an get out of jail free card.

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