LGBT Center 13 Clueless Closest Rape Crisis Center

LGBT Center 13 Clueless Closest Rape Crisis Center

I walked in the LGBT Center on 13th and asked do you know where the closest Rape Crisis Center is?
They did not.
It is sad LGBT center is clueless.
I told them a woman asked if the  Rape Crisis Center that was closed that was in  St. Vincent’s Hospital  be put  in the  LGBT center.    That would be a no.
We need a medical facility and of course we need funding and rape fund faces cuts not an infusion of money.I picked up a handful of free condones and left.
NYC gov rejected my design for free condoms. “Make Wise Choices”.Mike screwing tax payers like never before.
Want to do stand-up comedy about Bloomberg and hand out the condoms.
R they made in a sweatshop in Malaysia?

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