Understanding the Victim of Crime like I am trying to understand Dr Andrew Fagelman and corrupt NYPD’s role as well as Delita Hooks violent assault lies

The title and the post taking from my blogs my journals are my opinions and the video of the violent assault by Dr Andrew Fagelman’s employee is proof to back up my opinions.

I continue to suffer from physical and emotional damage including Dr Fagelman’s employee lying about me as the video proves and the NYPD’s role as well as

Dr andrew fagelman 155 Spring St Internist not firing her which is shocking and not just to me.




Really how does Delita Hooks get away with so much violence and lies but with Dr Andrew Fagelman’s help not firing her and paying her for her time as well the NYPD’s role continues to startle and shock everyone  and I as a victim of a violent crime fixed by the NYPD with Internal Affairs although admitting the case is open dragging this out 10 months since the attack it appears IAB is trying to cover this up IAB has yet to contact the first precinct to arrest Delita Hooks for a false cross complaint and assault which you can see the beginning of here on YouTube.




Mayor Bloomberg Misogyny NY Post Editors NYT NYDN Cover-ups Violence MD Dr Andrew Fagelman’s 155 Spring St




Dr Fagelman’s very violent receptionist office manager Delita Hooks violently threatened to slap the crap out of me as exposed on YouTube google Dr Fagelman assault and watch for yourself…


her barefoot even pressed up against my vaginal area only because she could not successfully kick me in the genital area and that was after she violated my patient rights, patient privacy and most of all my body.


When I told her not to touch me body which you can hear me tell her and warn her she has assaulted me and this followed her verbally assaulting me for no good reason from behind the doctor’s reception desk where she sits with no name tags defining who works for whom and what are their names…


She violated my body over and over and the NYPD for some mysterious reason like they get viagra or HGH from Dr Fagelman fixed this violent crime.

I sent in a private investigator via a lawyer and Dr Fagelman was asked did you speak to the NYPD.

Dr fagleman replied no comment which I interpret as he and his NYPD pals have something to hide and now I suspect IAB as well.


14,480 views that many people want to know about this but the new york times, ny post , nydn killing this story and why just like the NYPD’s dirty dirty role.

Understanding the Victim of Crime like I am trying to understand Dr Andrew Fagelman and corrupt NYPD’s role as well as Delita Hooks violent assault lies

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